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Executive Programs

We offer a variety of executive personal training programs to business owners located in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas. 

CEOs, top-level executives, and entrepreneurs we work with, just like you, often do not have the time or energy to hit the gym regularly. We realize it can be challenging for you to keep your health in mind when you are constantly on the go handling the demanding needs of your business.

That is why our executive personal trainers will work with you to plan fitness sessions around your busy schedule, as much as possible. They will also provide you with highly effective, knowledgeable, and safe coaching, giving you the best value for every dollar spent. 

We have coached many professionals like yourself over the years and have helped them get back into the routine of regular exercise, improving productivity, and incorporating healthier habits into their lifestyles. 

Our executive training programs can help you become a better leader, boss, and team member. 

Be on your way to being your best you and book an executive personal training session with us today!

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Your personal training session will vary in cost depending on the trainer you choose. However you can expect to pay somewhere between $40 to $80 for each 1-hour session.

Not at all. Everybody has to start somewhere! It’s never too late to start thinking about how to improve your health and overall quality of life. 

Our professional personal trainers will assess your level of fitness, come up with an exercise plan that suits you, then help you become your best you!

It’s simple; wear the most comfortable clothes possible. The goal is to challenge yourself more than anything else – keep your clothes breathable, and you’ll probably want to wear shoes with a flat base for maximum stability.

At Nexus Health and Fitness, we believe in flexibility. Our personal trainers will do their absolute best to accommodate your schedule, but we advise that clients book as much in advance as possible.

  • Knowledgeable staff for any goal, big or small
  • 1 on 1 and small group training available
  • Diet/lifestyle services available
  • Every experience is custom tailored to the client and the clients goals
  • A very broad base of coaches. We have a suitable coach for every client.
  • Custom tailored programs for your goals
  • Healthy eating habits, improving quality of life
  • Optimizing hormones
  • Supplementation guides
  • 14 site skinfold testing, body fat %, lean mass analysis, fat mass analysis
  • Certified by coach Charles Poliquin
  • Unlock personal keys to fatloss and optimal hormone function 
  • Unlimited access to entire facility
  • Family mentality
  • Changerooms with showers
  • Knowledgeable friendly staff
  • Clean tidy training environment

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