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Hormone Analysis

Why BioPrint Hormone Analysis Might Make Sense For You

Chances are you already know a proper diet and regular exercise are key factors that contribute to living a much healthier and happier life. 

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is happening inside my body, right now?”. If you have, we can provide you with a scientifically-driven answer to that question by conducting a comprehensive hormone analysis.

Our BioPrint Professional is certified by the late Coach Charles Poliquin, a worldwide leader in strength coaching. 

Poliquin was dedicated to researching how hormone imbalances affect body fat and believed correcting them was the key to driving weight loss success.

Why even think about hormone analysis? The truth is hormone imbalances might be the very reason you are storing excess fat in a particular part of your body. They could also be affecting your life in ways that you don’t even realize – disrupting your sleep, reducing your energy, and even interfering with your sex life.

Our BioPrint hormone testing doesn’t take a significant amount of time or effort, and the results can give you the insight you need as to what is going on with your body. 

Our trainers can then use the test results data to create a customized fitness plan that focuses on the identified improvement areas. This kind of knowledge is invaluable if you are serious about truly transforming your body and achieving that long-desired dream physique. 

If you want to know what hormonal imbalances are holding you back from being your best you, reach out to us today!

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Absolutely. Our hormone analysis is a quick and easy process that is safe for clients of all ages and genders.

Your initial appointment will cost $200 + HST. For follow-ups it will cost you $100 + HST.

  1. First, there’s an initial consultation with our BioPrint Certified Professional.
  2. Second, we take your skinfold measurements.
  3. Third, we input your measurements into our sophisticated software.
  4. Fourth, we explain the recommended protocol to you and the results of the analysis.
  5. After, your Nexus Health and Fitness trainer will review your current training program and nutrition plan, and advise based on your BioPrint results.

There are many different factors that contribute to hormone imbalances – including age, lifestyle, diet, and more. Your stress levels can also affect your hormones significantly. While there is no one singular answer to how long it will take, Nexus Health and Fitness professionals will be able to offer some guidance once the BioPrint analysis is complete.

Pregnancy affects hormone levels drastically, therefore it is best to hold off until after childbirth.

There are several over-the-counter products that may affect BioPrint results, however, vitamins should not interfere with your hormone testing. If you take topical hormones of any kind, do not use them for 3 days before your BioPrint hormone analysis.

  • Knowledgeable staff for any goal, big or small
  • 1 on 1 and small group training available
  • Diet/lifestyle services available
  • Every experience is custom tailored to the client and the clients goals
  • A very broad base of coaches. We have a suitable coach for every client.
  • Custom tailored programs for your goals
  • Healthy eating habits, improving quality of life
  • Optimizing hormones
  • Supplementation guides
  • 14 site skinfold testing, body fat %, lean mass analysis, fat mass analysis
  • Certified by coach Charles Poliquin
  • Unlock personal keys to fatloss and optimal hormone function 
  • Unlimited access to entire facility
  • Family mentality
  • Changerooms with showers
  • Knowledgeable friendly staff
  • Clean tidy training environment