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Stephanie Bisignano

Hi! I’m Stephanie, and I’m a personal trainer that is passionate and enthusiastic about all my clients. I’m also a Professional Strongwoman athlete and was born and raised in Thunder Bay.

I actually started my fitness journey as a weight-loss client six years ago, which feels like another lifetime. I loved the fact that it empowered me and gave me more confidence than ever before, especially given the fact that I have struggled with physical and mental health issues in my past. 

I believe that physical fitness can lead to mental well-being and strength, and my current career as a Child and Family Counsellor also gives me a unique advantage for clients that are hoping to become mentally stronger and more resilient in general. I’m all about breaking barriers for my clients, and genuinely love seeing them succeed.

I’m an ISSA certified Personal Trainer, a Strongfit Training System Master Coach, and a certified Pilates Instructor. Whether you are interested in StrongFit, training for Strongman/Strongwoman competitions, or interested in pilates or mobility/stability training – I’m your woman! I also specialize in body composition training, hypertrophy training, weight loss, and nutrition.

Some of my hobbies include hiking, reading, and bike riding.

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Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Stephanie is an enthusiastic and passionate personal trainer and a Professional Strongwoman athlete.

Stephanie is an ISSA certified Personal Trainier, a StrongFit Training System Master Coach, and has also been a certified Pilates Instructor for 9 years.  

Stephanie started her fitness journey 6 years ago as a weight loss client, and fell in love with weightlifting, specifically Strongman/Strongwoman style lifts.  She loved the empowerment and confidence it gave, having struggled with many mental and physical barriers in her life.  Having a background in children’s mental health and a current career as a Child and Family Counsellor, Stephanie is a strong advocate of the benefits that weightlifting and physical fitness have on mental well being and strength.  Stephanie is driven to help clients change their lives through fitness, having gone through her own personal journey of physical and mental growth. 

As an athlete, Stephanie has recently achieved one of her many goals – becoming a Pro Strongwoman.  Along with two other athletes, Stephanie became one of the first Pro Strongwomen in Ontario as of Nationals in 2020.

Some of her top lifts are a 400lbs Squat, 220lbs bench, 445lbs deadlift, 210lbs Overhead Press, and a 700lbs yoke for a few feet.  She is all about breaking through limitations and barriers, and is constantly striving for her clients to do the same. 

Naming her personal training business “Crowned Athletics”, she has used the slogan “Crowned in Victory” because she pushes for all of her clients to feel victorious in whatever goal they set out for.  As a team, she believes this can be done for each person that walks into the Nexus Health and Fitness family. 

Specialization – Strongman/Strongwoman training, StrongFit, Weight Loss, Strength and Conditioning, Body Composition and Hypertrophy training, Pilates and Mobility/Stability Training, Nutrition

Hobbies – Weightlifting, hiking, reading, bike riding

Accreditations and Awards – ISSA Certified Personal Trainer (Specializations in Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning and Hypertrophy Training), Pro Strongwoman Status, StrongFit Master Coach, Certified Pilates Instructor